Sports Development in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

Getting to the pros requires hard work, dedication, and expert training.  Making sure you are ready for to play is a year-round project. For sports development services, turn to Full Contact Sports Management in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Football Training

As the owners of the North Carolina Bison, we operate a football combine and trial every year. Athletes will be tested on their fitness, athleticism, and skills. The top 36 athletes will be offered contracts to the North Carolina Bison team.

The combine and the games both take place in the spring, when professional and college football are over, so you can work on your skills.

Professional Development

We work with college seniors and athletes up to age 28 to develop important skills both on and off the field.

We want our participants to get ready for a career in professional football. We also want to help them develop skills that will provide for them after their playing career.


A football career is temporary. However, with the right training and education, our participants can build a life-long career in sports.
That's why we work with local colleges and technical schools to promote career training.
Our Organization was founded September 2012.


Outreach & Internships

Working to develop community programs and creating jobs for local citizens is one of our most important goals. In addition to event planning, charitable events, and generating revenue through the sale of tickets to Bison games, we will also be offering business internships. Interns will receive college credit while also learning valuable skills for jobs in the league office.

Proudly Serving: North Carolina

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Sharpen your on-field skills at the annual football combine from Full Contact Sports Management in Durham, North Carolina.